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Study In New Zealand

Why New Zealand

Educational institutions in New Zealand offer a wide variety of courses and New Zealand welcomes international students at all of its institutions. Students intending to study in New Zealand can be assured of achieving qualifications that are at a standard comparable to qualifications achieved in leading educational institutions in other parts of the world.

About New Zealand

New Zealand, more fondly referred to as, The Land of the Long White Cloud by the Maori natives, is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. With North Island and South Island comprising the major land area of this beautiful country, the much smaller islands of Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell, Chatham and Kermadec are no less scenic. Having an area about the size of Colorado (USA), New Zealand enjoys a majestic mountainous landscape alongside some large coastal plains. The north of New Zealand has sub-tropical climate, and as one travels south, the temperature starts decreasing giving the southern regions a much cooler temperate climate.

Quick Facts

  • Capital: Wellington.
  • Population: 4,173,460 (July 2008 est.)
  • Nationality: New Zealander(s)
  • Official Language: English, Maori
  • Govt. Type: Parliamentary Democracy.
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollar (Varies between Rs 32 and Rs 34)
  • Calling Code: +64Time Difference: 12 hrs ahead of UTC/GMT (6 hours 30 minutes ahead of IST)
People in New Zealand

  • Friendly.
  • Welcoming towards visitors.
  • Relaxed, informal.
  • English speaking.
Major Cities

Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerstone, North Wellington, Christ Church, Wanganui Dunedin, Rotorua are some popular ones.

Sports & Recreations

Bungee Jumping, Jet Boating, White Water Rafting, Heli Skiing Snow Boarding, Trail Bike Riding. Rugby Cricket, Yachting, Gardening, Rock/Mountain Climbing, Golf etc.


You will arrive in New Zealand at either Auckland or Christchurch International Airports. There are regular direct flights to most cities from both airports. There are air, rail and bus services to other towns and cities and an inter-island ferry operates between the North and South Islands.


Freedom of worship is guaranteed by law in New Zealand. During their time in New Zealand many international students choose to join a students’ association to remain


The average maximum temperature ranges between 20?C and 30C during summer and 10C and 15C during winters. Temperate - not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dry

  • Globally recognized high quality education
  • Affordable Tuition & Living, NZ$ rate in INR is much lower than AUD/ USD other dollars.
  • Friendly environment an English speaking country.
  • New Zealand is a growing economy offering increasing job opportunities.
  • Low unemployment ratio compared to most countries.
  • 20 Hours part time work allowed during studies & full time during summer holidays helping students to cover living cost.
  • Quick applications & visa processing.
  • Students on completion of most courses including 1 year Diploma course are eligible for 1 year job search visa when they can work full time
  • Students with full time job offers in relevant area of study may extend their visa by converting it to work permit / permanent residency depending on their eligibility
  • Student partners (spouses) can accompany on work permit or visitors category.

  • Almost every type can be found.
  • Snow capped mountain ranges.
  • Fiords, Glaciers, Lakes.
  • Wild rivers, Native forests.
  • Sandy beaches, broad plains.
  • Active Volcanoes.

  • 79.6% are from European Ethnic groups
  • 14.5% are Maori
  • 5% pacific Island Polynesian
  • 2.2% Chinese
  • 1.2% Indian
  • Total Population 4 Million


There are 8 State Funded Universities in New Zealand offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees ranging from 3 to 4 years. All Universities offer a broad range of subjects in Arts, Commerce and Science and each University has its own fields of specialization.

Colleges of Education

There are 6 state funded collegesz of education. They train teachers for primary and secondary schools, early childhood education centers and special education institutions and offer three years Diploma of Education and a three to four year Bachelor of Education degree.

Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology

There are 21 state funded polytechnics and institutes in New Zealand providing tertiary studies at all levels and offering courses in different disciplines.

Private education

The private tertiary institutes offer an alternative to state funded education in New Zealand with all of the benefits of private enterprise

Work while you Study

Students enrolled in a full time course in New Zealand can work for a limited number of hours up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time in all vacations.

Work Permits for Partners of International Students

The partners of postgraduate students can apply for a work permit valid for the same period of time as their partner’s student permit. Partners of some undergraduate students may also be eligible to apply for a work permit, if their partner has been granted a student visa or permit to study towards a qualification in an area of absolute skill shortage, as specified in the ‘Long Term Skill Shortage List’ available on the New Zealand Immigration

Website: www.immigration.govt.nz

NZ is always welcoming people with skills, qualification and experience. Studying in New Zealand is a pathway to gaining permanent residence

Most students that complete a valid course in New Zealand will be eligible for a Graduate Job Search Visa / Permit for a period of 12 months. This visa allows the student to stay in New Zealand and work full time in a job relevant to the course they have completed. Once the students get a job they can either apply for extension of their work permit (generally for 2 years) or they will have enough points to apply for permanent residency. Students will gain bonus points under the general skills category. Points are allocated for age, qualification, NZ qualifications, work experience, NZ offer of employment, spouse qualification, work experience under skill shortage list, sponsorship by blood relative who are citizens or permanent residence of New Zealand etc.

For more details see: www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/

Graduates who have completed a Bachelor degree or Masters by coursework degree in Australia will be eligible to apply for a two year post-study work visa. Graduates who have completed a Masters by research degree or a Doctoral degree in Australia will be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa for three or four years respectively

For more details please see: www.immi.gov.au/students/_pdf/2011-post-study-work.pdf

  • Document Checklist
  • Student Visa Application form (download Application to study in New Zealand)
  • Supplementary Information Form (Download)
  • Application fee of Rs 6,700.00 (demand draft in favor of “Immigration New Zealand' payable in New Delhi)
  • Covering letter from student (Statement of Purpose) giving background of the applicant, why they would like to study in New Zealand and who is sponsoring them while they study in New Zealand.
  • Offer Letter from Institute - stating the course fee, course name and duration
  • Two passport photographs
  • Passport photocopies (all pages) + original passport
  • Academic Documents
  • IELTS results (photocopies attested)

Note: Immigration New Zealand recommends IELTS over all other tests Education Qualifications (color photocopies attested), should be arranged according to the highest qualification to the class X results. All certificates and mark sheets should be submitted. Letters or Testimonials from teachers (optional) Note: Applications should not submit any fraud education documents as Immigration New Zealand will verify all documents and if any documents are found to be mnisleading or fraud then it may result in the decline of the visa application

  • Document Checklist
  • Work experience documents (Original)
  • Reference Letter from present employer, pay slips
  • Reference letters from any previous employer
  • All work experience certificates get verified by the Visa Officer and we recommend that students only submit
  • Financial Documents
  • Affidavit of support from parents/sponsor

Evidence of sponsor's occupation along with the annual income - a letter from sponsor's employer (if employed), Income Tax returns for last two years.

Evidence of funds (Liquid funds in form of bank balance, fixed deposits, education loans and post office accounts)

  • Financial undertaking form signed by guarantor sponsor and bank

Authorization letter from sponsor authorizing 'New Zealand Immigration Service' to verify their financial documents on their behalf.

  • Any other financial investments or details of accessible funds

Applicants should show funds and (income that support these funds) enough to cover course fee, airfares, living costs in New Zealand (living costs approximately NZD 10,000 per year).

  • The funds should have been held
  • The funds should have been held
  • Bank
  • Medicals & Character Certificate
  • Completed New Zealand Immigration service medical and chest X-ray certificates from a panel doctor in your city (Form 1007)
  • For a list of Panel Doctors in India click here

Character clearances, which must be two original character references (if under 17 years of age), or a local police clearance (If you are 17 and over). You can apply this in the passport office, Ministry of External Affairs in your city

  • All these documents are essential before a student visa is issued
  • After the application is submitted
  • Interviews and/or further information

The visa office will conduct a detailed check on the documents submitted, students may also be required to attend a telephonic interview or in very rare cases students may be asked to attend an interview in person at New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi.

  • Processing time for visa is about 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Applications Approved in Principal

Once the visa office is satisfied with all the requirements then the student will be advised in writing that their application is “Approved in Principal” , the students then need to pay their tuition fee and submit the receipt to the office with in 28 days.

Validity of Student Visa: Please note that the course duration in New Zealand is more than 1 year, then the student visa will only be issued for the 1st year of study. Student will have to apply and meet the requirement for further permits in New Zealand. In cases where the duration of the course is less than one year or one year, then student will be issued for the duration of the course For more details: See Student Visa Application Requirement section on this site.

  • Student Visa Application Requirement

Before sending/lodging your visa applications please ensure that you have included all the documentation as mentioned on the checklist below.

INZ will require clear certified copies of all documents provided including – the offer letter, educational qualification certificates and work experience certificates. Immigration New Zealand will keep the original affidavits and bank letters and bank statements for their reference.

The following documents are required to lodge student visa application. Please note that the order of the documents should be the same as mentioned below.

  • Student Visa application forms
  • *INZ 1012 (Download)
  • *Supplementary Information Form
  • Passport or travel document

Students will need to submit the original passport along with photocopy of all pages at the time of lodging the application. Passports must be valid for 3 months beyond intended date of departure from New Zealand.

Students will need to provide a statement of purpose which is the background to why the student is applying, what he/she wishes to do and how the course would help him/her in the future plans and goals. They must also include details of financial ability and how they can afford this course in New Zealand.

The offer of a place at an educational institution should provide the following details:

  • the name of the course and the minimum time required for completion
  • evidence that the course meets foreign student policy requirements
  • notification of the amount of the fee for the complete course or, where the course is longer than one year, the annual fee
  • whether the student does or does not have to pay course fees

Guarantee of accommodation from either the institution or from a person prepared to provide accommodation in New Zealand has to be attached.

Financial Documents

Students must submit evidence of sufficient funds for maintenance during their stay in New Zealand including:

  • Financial Undertaking Form/s (If more than one guarantor).
  • Affidavit/s of Support from Guarantors (also stating the exact relationship of the guarantor with the applicant).
  • Authorisation letter/s from guarantors authorising New Zealand Immigration Service to verify their financial documents on their behalf. If guarantors are outside India the contact name and telephone numbers/e-mail addresses of officials in the Bank who can be contacted for verification.
  • The students should provide funds upfront for the first 12 months of his study inclusive of living expenses (NZ$10000 p.a) in New Zealand. If the duration of course is longer, students should provide a plan of payment to show that they have access to funds and have the ability to meet the rest of the course cost and living expenses. INZ accepts the following evidence of funds:
Education loan sanction letter

Latest bank statements for the past 6 months. It should not be more than 1 week old at the time of lodgement of the application. Please ensure that statements and not balance certificates are provided.

Fixed Deposits. In case of providing fixed deposits as evidence of funds please ensure that a copy/counterfoil of the deposit along with a letter from the bank giving the details of the deposit is provided.

  • Public Provident Fund Accounts/Employers Provident Fund Accounts
  • Post Office Accounts
  • National Saving Certificates

Please note that the telephone numbers along with the STD codes of the place/institution where the funds shown can be verified should be provided with the financial documents.

The following evidence of funds are NOT acceptable:

  • Education loan from non banking financial institutions
  • LIC or ULIP
  • Mutual funds or infrastructure bonds
  • Shares and equities
  • Evaluation of jewellery
  • Funds held with commission agents
  • J Forms

Educational certificates (with translations if required)

All educational certificates should be provided which includes:

  • Class 10
  • Class 12
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Post Graduate Certificate
  • Other courses and Diplomas done
  • All the above should have transcripts also attached.

Please note that if you intend to pursue aviation or marine courses in New Zealand, then evidence of your related qualification and / or work experience should be provided, if applicable.

English language requirement

Immigration New Zealand will take account of the evidence and all the circumstances of the application (which includes nature of student’s employment history, qualification) to assess if student meet the minimum standard of English language to be able to cope well with the study requirement in New Zealand. Students may also provide any other additional information in support of your English language ability.

INZ strongly recommend that IELTS certificate should be provided with student visa application.

Evidence of Employment

If student is working and/or have worked in past please provide all work references from the employers on company letterhead. The company address and phone number must be included on the letter.

X-ray report for TB screening This is a mandatory lodgement requirement

Applicants, who intend to be in New Zealand for more than 6 months but less than 12 months, must undergo a TB screening X-ray unless:

  • They are pregnant
  • They are under 11 years of age

The certificate should be no longer than 3 months old at the date of submission and the applicants must provide the following:

  • a fully completed Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate form, NZIS 1096
  • any associated medical reports required for the X-ray.

All student applicants who intend to stay in New Zealand for a total of more than 12 months must undergo a full medical and x-ray examination.

The certificate should be no longer than 3 months old at the date of submission and the applicants must provide the following:

  • a fully completed Medical and Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate form, NZIS 1007
  • any associated medical and laboratory reports Note: Pregnant women and children under the age of 11 are not required to have an X-ray examination. The New Delhi Branch has appointed Panel Doctors. The medical certificates must be completed by one of the panel doctors and x-ray reports should be completed by a Radiologist referred by a panel doctor.
Police Clearance Certificate

All applicants who are above the age of 17 years and intend to stay in New Zealand for a total of more than 12 months must provide their Police Clearance Certificate. Certificates must be less than 6 months old at the time it is submitted to us. For applicants in India, only Police Clearance Certificates from the Regional Passport Office (The passport office which has issued your passport) of the Ministry of External Affairs or from the Office of Commissioner of Police are acceptable.

After the application is submitted Interviews and/or further information

The visa officer will conduct a through check of all the documents submitted like education certificates, financial documents and work experience documents. We Please note that students may be required to attend a telephonic interview or an interview at New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi or provide further information to enable the visa officer to make a decision.

Applications Approved in Principle Once the visa officer is convinced and all the requirements have been met, students will be advised in writing that their application has been approved in principle. Students will be given a month to submit the following:

  • Only fee receipts (normally for 1 year) issued by the New Zealand Education Institute will be accepted. This fee receipt could be directly faxed or e-mailed to Immigration New Zealand office.
  • Any other requirement which needs to be fulfilled at that stage for the visa to be issued.

Please note : The visa would not be issued any earlier than 14 working days prior to course commencement Validity of Student Visa

Please note that if the course duration in New Zealand is more than 1 year, the student visas will only be issued for 1st year of study. You will have to apply for and meet the requirements for a further student permit in New Zealand. However, if the course duration is less than 1 year or 1 year, then the student visas will be issued for the duration of the course.

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